Privacy Policy

As a result of the recent congressional repeal of Internet privacy protections, we at Everywhere Wireless (“EW”) felt the need to amend and restate our privacy policy to ensure there is complete and absolute clarity that we will never sell your personal information or your activity on our network.  The privacy and security of your information is a foremost consideration of Everywhere Wireless.  We only collect information that is necessary to service our relationship with you and the services to which you subscribe; nothing more.

Our Commitment to you as your Internet Service Provider:

  • We do not and will not track or monitor your online browsing activity.
  • Your personal information will never be sold.
  • We believe in Net Neutrality; we will grant you unfiltered access to the Internet.
  • All payment information is stored on our processor’s secured servers.

If you visit websites owned or controlled by us (such as, we may collect certain information via the use of Google Analytics and other similar services. We may use this information for statistical purposes to improve our products and services and to manage our operations more efficiently. We have no control over the websites you visit and we do not and will not intervene or manipulate your experience in any way whatsoever.  However, as a result of such open and unfiltered access to the Internet, we have no control over the collection of information by individual websites or applications that you may visit.

We will not divulge any of your personal information to any other organization or party unless (1) you give us explicit, and specific, prior permission, (2) the disclosure is required by law or by legal process authorized by a court of competent jurisdiction, (3) we suspect fraud or other malicious activity, in which case we may investigate and report any evidence, including personally identifiable information, to law enforcement officials and to the courts in the course of seeking remedies at law and equity or (4) you make an inquiry, request or complaint that requires follow-up and we share your information with others to satisfy your inquiry.

We oppose the emailing of any junk mail and we will not sell customer information to email list companies or telemarketers.We are committed to your privacy.  We support net neutrality.

This privacy policy is effective as of April 1, 2017 and applies to all contracted customers.

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